Jim reeve
Brentwood Writers' Circle Brentwood Writers' Circle at their seventieth celebrations. Jim is on the left of the picture. Brentwood Writers' Circle has sixty members and was started in the height of the blitz in 1941 by Elizabeth Baxter. She used to go to the London Writers' Circle but the building they used was badly damaged in a bombing raid and so she set up the Brentwood Group. They meet on the first Saturday of the month and have a speaker one month and a workshop the next. They have had some famous speakers: Colin Dexter, Simon Brett, Sheila Norton and John Jenkins. A large number of the members have been published, one, Elizabeth Lord has 23 novels to her credit. Website: Brentwood Writers’ Circle
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BBC Essex presenter Steve Scruton photographed with Jim Reeve's book, Basildon Then and Now after a broadcast in November 2012.

Left to right: Chris Sutton, Frances Clamp (Brentwood Writers’ Circle President), and Jim, winning third place in the B.W.C. Olympic children's story competition.

Jim Reeve and Pat Pound a member of BWC, who had books published on the same day.

Jim with his wife Joan signing his Basildon Memories book in Waterstones.
Jim and Joan at Basildon library
Joan and Jim at Basildon Library carrying out a signing.
Beautiful Joan Reeve
Joan in Guernsey - 50th wedding anniversary.
Jim Reeve
Jim posing for the local press with three of his books.
Jim with a trout
Jim with a six pound trout, caught from Hanningfield Reservoir.
Signing of Jim's Book
Jim, Joan and Patricia Pound at a signing of Jim's book, "Basildon Memories" at Waterstones in Basildon.
Elizabeth Lord
Elizabeth Lord, a member of Brentwood Writers' Circle who has had 23 novels published. (No larger image available)

Jim & Joan Reeve, Frances Clamp, president of Brentwood Writers' Circle, and Pat Pound at the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists Christmas party.

Jim Reeve receiving a prize from the Vice President of the Society of Women Writers' and Journalists - the first man to do so.
Website: Society of Women Writers and Journalists
Housing Managers
Basildon Development Housing Managers

One of Jim's brothers, Billy, Joan, and Jim
One of Jim's brothers, Billy, Joan, and Jim in
the background in Australia, where Billy Lives.

Joan, soon after marrying Jim
Joan, camping, soon after marrying Jim.
Jim showing off in Germany
Jim showing off in Germany in the Royal Air
Force Regiment. Nicknamed the "Rock Apes"
Jim at 15
Jim at 15, soon after he left home
Jim's two boys Stephan and Paul
Jim's two boys, Stephan and Paul
. (His Stage name was Paul Ash)
57 Rifle Squadron on the move to Berlin
57 Rifle Squadron on the move to Berlin.
Jim on exercise in Fassberg Forest
Jim on exercise in Fassberg Forest.
Jim in Berlin with two friends
Jim in Berlin with two friends.
Jim playing water polo
Jim playing water polo for his station in the 2ND TAF championships

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